New Port City

The Story So Far...

Muddled tunes of drunken bards blend with the grunting of adventurers sparring in the courtyard. Welcome to the Eastern guild hall of The Tempest Alliance. Galias Freehelm Sits on the bar chatting up the locals who have stopped by to add a few postings to the guild’s job board. His daughter Emill Freehelm is sparring with a young Eldritch knight. Several adventurers browse the job postings.

Two of them, an Eldritch Knight and a ranger, select two jobs hoping to prove they are worthy of a promotion to A Class. They select to simple jobs: an escort job for the renowned merchant Lady Vivian, and an item request from the town’s crazy inventor Johan.

Meanwhile, two other adventurers leave the bustling port city for the Isle of Aris. They hope to explore the tomb of the ancient necromancer king, King Lucius. Rumor has it, the King once owned a hidden treasure horde of unimaginable proportions. Perhaps exploring the tomb will provide a clue to the horde’s whereabouts.


krystenh_22 krystenh_22

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