New Port City

Goddess of the... Orcs?

“So do you think you can do it?” The guild master asked the four adventurers.

Chimi, Domin, Zilfan, and Neven all nodded. It would be simple to get into the orc camp, but getting out… that could be a problem.

“Why did they take the druid girl anyway? Don’t orcs typically kill their prey?” Neven asked.

“No one knows for sure. Several girls of a similar profile have been taken by the same group of orcs. Most of the time, they show up a few days later wondering around in the woods. Other times, we send adventurers in after them.”

“Well, let’s get going! We can’t leave the poor girl in there!” Chimi was eager to get started.

The four adventurers set off toward the old village, once inhabited by humans, but overtaken by orcs over a hundred years ago.

“Wait!” Chimi stopped the party pointing toward a couple of orc scouts nearby.

Neven was quick on the draw, “I got this,” he said pointing at one of the orcs as he began muttering under his breath. A few moments later the orcs had drawn their weapons and were battling each other. The party snuck by with ease.

Approaching the orcs’ colony, the party elected to follow the guild master’s orders exactly. They would climb over the back wall placing them directly over the temple where they suspected the druid girl was located. Reaching the top of the wall, Domin and Neven jumped a short distance landing on the roof of the temple next to a skylight overlooking the temple’s altar. The druid girl was there, chained to the altar.

Chimi and Zilfan were still standing on the wall when Chimi spotted the tip of a lance emerging from the guard tower to her right. “Jump,” she whispered to Zilfan as she lept from the wall to the ground below. Zilfan quickly followed suit.

Moments later, Neven and Domin had broken the glass in the skylight and lept into the temple. The moment Neven’s feet hit the ground, bells began sounding throughout the encampment, the floor around the altar fell into abyss, and a dozen kobolds marched into the temple sanctuary. The kobolds attacked, and Chimi and Zilfan charged through the stained glass windows at the back of the church to their friends’ aid. As the battle raged, Neven managed to free the druid girl from her chains.

“Thanks,” she nodded at Neven and the others. The young woman raised her hands and chanted as vines sprang from the temple floor around the kobolds, stopping them in their tracks. “My name’s Amnell, by the way.”

The kobolds entangled and the druid free, the party made for the back of the temple hoping to get back over the wall. They jumped through the window. “But that statue… it looks just like you,” Chimi screamed at Amnell.

Before she could answer, the group saw what awaited them at the top of the wall: two orc sentries and half a dozen kobolds poised to shoot them down.

“New plan!” Chimi shouted in the common tongue grabbing Amnell and putting a dagger to her throat. In Orcish, she yelled, “Shoot us and she dies!” Chimi dragged the druid back into the temple, and the orcs and kobolds remained still. The sound of the bells changed as the rest of the party ran back into the temple. Through the doors at the front of the temple, they could see the orcs lining up outside ushering the women and children out the front gate of the village.

“Run for it?” Domin suggested. Most of the group nodded, but Neven quickly donned a disguise to make himself look like an orc teenager. He ran out the front of the temple, and then walked calmly through the front gate with the other orcs. The rest of the party readied themselves to make a run for it. Chimi called her panther to give Domin a ride. Amnell transformed into a lion and allowed Zilfan a ride. The adventurers ran… as fast as they ever had. They ran to the side of the camp opposite the line of women and children orcs.. A kobold guard struck at them as they ran past him though the gate, but they escaped into the forest: injured and out of breath, but alive.

Neven rejoined the party as they made their way back to New Port City. “So why did they have you captured anyway?” he asked Amnell.

“I believe they thought I was some kind of goddess,” she explained, “Hel, they called me. Why they thought chaining a goddess was a good idea is beyond me. Regardless, there’s something else I want to say. I’ve always been devoted to my students, but I would love to adventure with the rest of you all in order to better teach them; if you’ll have me that is.”


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