New Port City

A Kidnapping

Chimi looked up from her sketchbook to check on her younger brother. The tiny elf was getting too close to the woods again.

“That’s too far,” Chimi yelled as she started across the yard. But it was too late.

A pale had reached around a tree snatching Chimi’s brother.

“Nooooo!” she screamed as she ran toward him greeted by a peppering of arrows. There were too many of them; Chimi didn’t have a chance against the group of bandits.

Vilfan, a nearby gnome, witnessed the event and ran to Chimi’s aid, erging her to seek out the help of the local adventurers’ guild. Before they get inside to post the job, Chimi spotted one of the guild members putting on a show. Pushing through the crowd, the determined elf pushed her way through the crowd and demanded that he help them. Determined to prove his worth, the B class rogue agreed readily.

The three inexperienced adventurers made their way back to the site of the kidnapping and easily picked up the bandits’ trail. To the confusion of the party, the trail ended abruptly near a large mound of dirt. Vilfan suddenly began squawking at a hawk in the tree beside them.

“What are you doing?!” Domin questioned.

The gnome responded quickly, pointing at the mound in-front of them “There. It’s an illusion. The entrance to the bandits’ lair is right there.”

The other two looked down. Sure enough, looking through the illusion, they saw a set of stairs leading downward. The group followed the bandits’ trail down the stairs and entered a large chamber occupied by a tall statue with an outstretched hand. Vilfan stepped forward and cast fireball on the hand of the statue. The wall behind it shifted, revealing a passageway beyond.

The party moved stealthily through the bandits’ small four room underground fortress. After fooling a drunk bandit captain, feeding a few wolves, and seriously embarrassing some lower ranking bandits, the party located Chimi’s brother in a hidden room underneath the rest of the fortress. There, they discovered that this was no ordinary bandit operation. This group of bandits was run by a powerful illusionist.

After an intense battle, the party bested the mage and earned the loyalty of his pet dire wolf. The three left with the wolf and the small elven boy.

Before returning home with her brother, Chimi accepted Domin’s invitation to join the guild, as did Vilfan. This would not be the last time these three adventurers worked together.

Treasure: 100gp, Amulet (Major Image)


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